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Josh Hutcherson Gets Punched in "Saturday Night Live" Promos



    Josh Hutcherson Gets Punched in "Saturday Night Live" Promos
    Dana Edelson/NBC
    Bobby Moynihan (l.) and Josh Hutcherson in a promo for "Saturday Night Live." Hutcherson is the guest host on Nov. 23, 2013.

    Josh Hutcherson is just days away from hosting "Saturday Night Live!"

    In these just-released promo clips promoting Hutcherson's debut episode of "SNL," the 21-year-old "Catching Fire" star shows off his funny side with castmember Bobby Moynihan.

    "Josh, we are so excited to have you here," Moyhinan says in the first bit. "And I think you're like the youngest host we've had in a while. What are you like 25?"

    "No, I'm 21," Hutcherson replies as Moynihan exclaims "What the?!" and punches Hutcherson in the face.

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    "Look, I'm sorry. It just had to be done," Moynihan says. "No, it's all right," the hunky actor replies. "My jaw can handle it."

    In the second promo, Moynihan belts out, "And now, let the 'Hunger Games' begin!" "Oh nice, you're quoting my new movie," Hutcherson says. "No, that's just what I yell when I'm hungry," the "SNL" star jokes. "It's not all about you, Josh."

    In another, Moynihan begs, "Josh, you gotta give us one spoiler from the new 'Hunger Games' movie."

    "I can't," Hutcherson says. "OK, everybody dies. That's a joke."

    LOL! Watch all of Hutcherson's "SNL" promos for yourself!

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