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Ellen Releases First Music Compilation



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    Host Ellen DeGeneres holds a copy of her new compilation CD "Ellen's I'm Gonna Make You Dance JAMS" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

    Ellen DeGeneres loves to dance.

    The talk-show host begins each episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with a comedy monologue before joining her audience in a round of dancing to usher in the rest of the episode.

    "A lot of people say coming to a taping of my show is like going to a dance party, " DeGeneres says on Wednesday's episode. "Which makes me realize I should start charging admission."

    DeGeneres followed that quip with the announcement she will be releasing her first music compilation CD, "Ellen's Gonna Make You Dance JAMS." The CD features some of her favorite artists including Maroon 5, Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, C+C Music Factory, No Doubt, Usher, Aretha Franklin, The Jackson 5 and more.

    “The great thing about a dance party, here’s the key to it. You have to pick the right music...On this show we pay so much attention to the dance music we play here. And today I am very happy to announce that I’m coming out with a compilation CD that features a lot of my favorite songs," DeGeneres says of the tracklist, adding, "If these songs don't make you dance, nothing will."

    To prove her point, DeGeneres then shows a video compilation of former audience members getting down to songs contained on the CD. Check out the video below.

    The CD will be available in stores on Tuesday, Nov. 11and can be preordered at www.ellenshop.com. The compilation will also be available via online music retailers.