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Oprah Winfrey Is Afraid of Balloons



    Oprah Winfrey Is Afraid of Balloons
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    Media mogul and actress Oprah Winfrey attends a special screening of "Lee Daniels' The Butler" hosted by O, The Oprah Magazine at Hearst Tower on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 in New York.

    What do you get for the woman who has everything?

    Well, if it's Oprah Winfrey, not balloons!

    In a video to promote to October issue of O Magazine and it theme this month--facing one's fears--the 59-year-old Winfrey admits to actually being terrified of the inflatable objects.

    "I really don't like balloons, and for my 40th birthday, my entire staff decided to surprise me," she says in the clip. "And I come downstairs and the entire audience is filled with balloons. Literally, I'm stepping over balloons, having to walk through balloons and I'm so, like, 'Oh! When is one going to pop?"

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    When asked by someone off-camera the reason for such a fear, Winfrey replies, "It reminds me of gunfire...and it really freaks me out, being around balloons."

    Winfrey recalled that at that moment there was "no way around it, just had to walk through them. And that became a metaphor for facing all of my fears."

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