Cool Summer Cocktails At Matador Bar

Summer cocktails with a view and taste at the Matador Bar inside the Edition Hotel. Photos by Jipsy

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Summer cocktails with a view and taste at the Matador Bar inside the Edition Hotel. Photos by Jipsy
The bar is a great place to meet after work while you enjoy a summer sip indoors. Photos by Jipsy
Bites at the bar are popular with hotel guest and locals alike. This Spinach and Manchego Pizza with Espelette Pepper is a perfect pairing with any cocktail or punch. Photos by Jipsy
The Queens Park Swizzle far right is a classic ready to be sipped. Photos by Jipsy
The Queens Park Swizzle has El Dorado Rum, Lime Juice, Honey, Mint and Bitters. Photos by Jipsy
Sit by the bar or enjoy your own table while you nibble on your guacamole and cool drinks. The Matador Bar Photos by Jipsy
The Clover Club in all it's glory. Photos by Jipsy
There are nice ocean views from the Matador Bar. Photos by Jipsy
Not yet on the menu, the refreshing Pisco Verde. Photos by Jipsy
By far, one of the must haves, the Sweet Pea Guacamole with Warm Crunchy Tortillas. Photos by Jipsy
The new addition to the menu this summer, The Flamingo Punch! It has Absolut Elyx, Benedictine, jasmine tea, orange blossom water, agave and lemon juice. Photos by Jipsy
This boozy summer concoction is offered to groups of 6 or more in a custom copper punch bowl, beautifully shaped like a flamingo ($96). Photos by Jipsy
If you like Feernet, this one's for you... The Hanky Panky. Photos by Jipsy
Delicious fried bites, the Peekytoe Crab and Corn Fritters with smoked Chili Tartar Sauce. Photos by Jipsy
El Diablo if you're feeling a little sinful. Photos by Jipsy
Also new to the bar’s offerings, from 6-7pm nightly, Matador Bar will host “MatadorHour” where there will be a daily featured cocktail, Bartender’s choice, for $12. Visit the Matador Bar inside Edition Hotel in Miami Beach and feel the luxury in this relaxing bar where you are welcomed with cool top class service. Photos by Jipsy
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