Hocus Pocus

‘Hocus Pocus' Stars Reunite for Voting Video Before Special

The Sanderson sisters want you to exercise your civic duty

Still from the Disney film, "Hocus Pocus."

Cast a spell? More like cast a ballot.

“Hocus Pocus” stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy — who are gearing up to reunite for a virtual event for Midler’s nonprofit the New York Restoration Project — teamed up in an Instagram video Monday encouraging people to vote. In the clip, for a nonpartisan public awareness campaign called I am a voter., the three actors took time out from rehearsing to discuss the importance of voting.

"A Very Hocus Pocus Election @kathynajimy @sarahjessicaparker @bettemidler reunited to share some important election reminders. And, they may have also cast a spell on Americans to increase voter turnout while they were together," the caption reads.

“It’s a very big deal, this election, obviously,” Parker says. "Part of me feels that because so many young people felt disenfranchised in the last election, for whatever reason, my fervent hope is that those that sat out will decide that even if a candidate can’t get them to the exact destination point, the opportunity to get so much closer to where they know this country needs to be.”

“That reminds me what Gloria Steinem says is that literally the voting booth is the one place that we are all perfectly equal,” Najimy says.

“Yes, because there’s nothing more important than your right to vote. I mean, people fought and died for the right to vote,” Midler says, while noting that more than 100 million people eligible to vote in the last presidential election failed to do so.

Parker also notes that the youth vote also did not turn out, prompting Midler to try and take action.

“I do think there is something we can do about it,” she teases.

“No, we shouldn’t,” Najimy says.

“Dare we?” Parker asks.

Midler then leads them in a fake spell designed to get people to vote.

“Feed them gum and casserole, get these voters to the polls,” she chants while Parker and Najimy add their own light chants beneath her, in a moment reminiscent of their work in “Hocus Pocus.”

“Make them vote!” they exclaim at the end of the clip, "witch" we feel is a pretty fun way to encourage people to let their voice be heard this election.

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