The Magic Of An American In Paris In Miami

An exclusive look at the 2015 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical An American In Paris back stage with some of the cast at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

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Photography by Jipsy Castillo
Leading stars Etai Benson, Sara Esty, Garen Scribner, and Leigh-Ann Esty.
Photography by Jipsy Castilo
On the Ziff Ballet Opera House stage at the Arsht Center with the stage props from the award winning show.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
Production Stage Manager Ken Davis leads the exclusive backstage tour of An American In Paris now at Adrienne Arsht Center. “Between the love story, the amazing dance and the Gershwin music it’s really truly the most beautiful show I’ve worked on.”
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“The show travels in eight tractor trailers; it takes approximately sixteen hours to get everything into the theater and eight hours to get everything out.” – Ken Davis
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
This Tony Award winning musical opened in Broadway in April 2015, inspired by the 1951 Academy Award winning film of the same name.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
The musical features songs by George and Ira Gershwin, including the memorable “I Got Rhythm”. And seriously, who could ask for anything more. An American In Paris now at the Adrienne Arsht Center until Sunday January 1st, 2017.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“Our show was directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon who is a world renowned genius choreographer. We are thrilled to bring his version here.” – Ken Davis
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“The key to making any of this work is organization. I spoke about the brilliant choreography on stage, the choreography backstage is just as complex, I dare say at times even more complex than what is on stage.” – Ken Davis
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
The cast during the Miami media visit. This show a fabulous way to end 2016 and enter the New Year. Tickets are available at
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
Leading stars Etai Benson (Adam Hochberg), Sara Esty (Lise Dassin), Garen Scribner (Jerry Mulligan) and Leigh-Ann Esty (Lise Alternate/Ensemble)
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
Leigh-Ann Esty (Lise Alternate/Ensemble) and Etai Benson (Adam Hochberg)
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
For over ten years with the Miami City Ballet, twins Leigh-Ann and Sara Esty are part of the leading cast of An American In Paris and happy to be back in Miami.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
An American In Paris touring Wardrobe Supervisor, Meredith Scott.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“This is for what we call ‘the mascaraed’, which is the end of act one. There’s a giant party at the end of the act where everyone is in crazy outfits like this, and masks and feather head pieces and there’s every sort of fabric and costume element you can imagine.” – Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“This is for a number called ‘Stairway to Paradise’, which is our big tap number in act two.” – Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“It’s kind of an homage to Radio City.” – Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
"We have about 550 total looks in the show. That’s not individual pieces, that is total complete looks. So if you think about every costume having 6 to 7 pieces that’s a lot of stuff." - Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
"It’s a mixture of pieces that were built for us, Dior inspired things that were built for us." - Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“A lot of [wardrobe] is vintage, a lot of the coats you see on stage are actually vintage. All the furs are vintage…” Wardrobe Supervisor Meredith Scott shares with us.
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
"It takes about 25 or 26 road boxes to fit everything into, but everything on tour has to go in a box and has to roll away fairly quickly, especially wardrobe because we take up so much room." – Meredith Scott
Photography by Jipsy Castillo
“I am proud to say for the tour it is the directory creation of the Broadway prod we have not cut anything, it is the same production that played at the palace theater on Broadway for two years, the folk who will see us here at the Arsht Center will get the full experience of An American in Paris.” – Ken Davis
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