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Watch John Mayer and Jeff Ross' Touching Tribute to Bob Saget After Picking Up His Car at LAX

After picking up Bob Saget’s car from LAX, John Mayer and Jeff Ross went on Instagram Live to share the moment with fans

From left: John Mayer, Jeff Ross and Bob Saget. Mayer and Ross livestreamed an emotional tribute to their friend during a trip to retrieve his car from the airport.
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John Mayer and Jeff Ross are remembering their friend Bob Saget.

Just days after the actor was found dead in a Florida hotel, his pals decided to pick up his car from the Los Angeles International Airport. On their ride home, Mayer and Ross shared memories of Saget, who had been on his stand-up tour before his unexpected death.

Taking to Instagram Live from the passenger seat of the vehicle as Mayer drove down California's 405 Interstate on Jan. 12, Ross called Saget the "king of the comedy world" and "our big brother."

Added Mayer, "I've just never known a human being on this earth who could give that much love individually and completely to that many people in a way that made each person feel like he was a main character in their life and they were a main character in his life."

Indeed, Mayer said Saget's "effusive and repeated expression of love is the greatest gift that he left people because all we have is the pain of his going and we don't have to worry about the accounting." As he put it, "The affairs are in order in terms of not having to wonder how Bob felt about us."

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Mayer acknowledged he didn't have much experience with loss and would have normally turned to Saget in a situation like this, calling him, "sadly, a graduate of the university of loss." Saget lost his sister Andrea to a brain aneurysm and his sister Gay to scleroderma, leading the "Raising Dad" alum to join the Scleroderma Research Foundation's board of directors and host fundraisers for the organization during his lifetime.

"You can't synthesize something you needed to hear from someone that was important and that could have helped you," Mayer said with tears in his eyes. "Because he would have put it in a way--I could come close, I can tell myself a lot of things from Bob are from Bob. I can't tell myself what he would have told me about loss because I don't know about loss. But he does and did and he would have told me something that I would've held onto. So the guy to help with this is the guy who's not here."

And while Mayer said Saget "had every excuse under the sun to be cynical, to be upset, to be distrusting of faith...[and] not to trust the system because in a lot of ways, a lot of times, that system failed him," he chose not to. As the singer put it, "His joy and his innocence in the face of a life that really took from him in a lot of places was his middle finger to it all."

Ross also spoke about Saget's love for his wife Kelly Rizzo and his daughters Aubrey, Jennifer and Lara and paid tribute to the late "Full House" star.

"I really loved the guy," he said at one point. "He was a comic before he was anything else. You know, I've heard from a 1,000 comics in the last couple days and he loved making people happy. It didn't matter who you were. It didn't matter your stature, your status. Bob was a rockstar without an assistant. Bob was a single dad for a long time. He raised three amazing, amazing people and he somehow took his TV family and also made them his real family, which is unheard of."

At the end of their video, he signed off, "Long live King Saget."

Saget was found dead inside a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand Lakes on Jan. 9. He was 65 years old. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said, "Detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case."

After news of Saget's passing broke, several stars, including Mayer and Ross, paid tribute on Instagram.

"I love you, Bob," the Grammy winner wrote. "I will never forget you. I will visit you often in my memories, and I hope I get to see you in my dreams. I will tell my kids about you. I'm taking you with me forever. I love you, Bob."

Bob Saget's loved ones and famous friends are mourning his sad and sudden loss after the "Full House" star died on Sunday at age 65.
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