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Jimmy Kimmel: Is "Stiff" Romney Really "Wild and Crazy?"

The ABC late-night host has his doubts.



    Jimmy Kimmel: Is "Stiff" Romney Really "Wild and Crazy?"
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    Kimmel poked fun at the Romney campaign's attempts to dispel the notion that the candidate is "stiff."

    Fresh off his high-profile stand-up act at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Jimmy Kimmel opened Tuesday's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" with some pointed jabs at presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

    As Decision 2012 heats up, Kimmel said, Romney is trying his best "to convince voters that he has a personality."

    As such, Kimmel added, Romney let his wife, Ann, "do the talking" for him on a CBS morning show on Tuesday.

    Cue the tape: Ann Romney told Charlie Rose that she is privy to "a side of Mitt that people have often mischaracterized."

    "He's stiff. He's not! He's funny," she said. Gov. Romney's wife then proceeded to affectionately embrace her husband.

    Cut back to Kimmel: "Look how stiff he is while she's holding him!"

    Ann Romney added that she still thinks of her husband as the young high-school student "playing all the jokes, and really just being crazy."

    Kimmel has his doubts about that version of Romney's past. But regardless, he quipped, "I don't want a wild and crazy president."

    Check out the full clip via ABC below: