5 Reasons Why St. Lucia is Your Perfect Honeymoon Adventure - NBC 6 South Florida

Feel the heat at Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia prides itself on having the world’s only drive-in volcano. Located in Soufriere, meaning ‘place of sulfur’, this geologic wonder is a must-see for travelers fascinated by nature. You can drive right up to the crater of this volcano—don’t worry, it emits steam instead of lava—and then enjoy a bath in the park’s sulfuric pools. This mud bath is a unique, therapeutic experience, filled with detoxifying minerals that are good for the skin. Oh, and they say it’ll make you look and feel younger.

Soar to new heights at The Pitons

Also in Soufriere are two magnificent volcanic spires that form the backdrop of every St. Lucian adventure. Emerging out the sea, twin peaks Petit Piton and Gros Piton soar 25,000 feet up in the air and paint the perfect picture of symmetry in nature. Real thrill-seeking couples can opt for a hike up Gros Piton (other travelers advise that its twin, Petit Piton is a steeper, more challenging climb), or a zip-line adventure for breathtaking views of Sourfriere and the Caribbean Sea. For a more relaxed experience, you can also just take a boat and cruise by the majestic peaks. And be sure to try their namesake, the locally brewed beer—Piton.

Cool off at one of the many waterfalls

There must be something in the water here—see for yourself, by experiencing the rejuvenating power of the many waterfalls in St. Lucia. You can hike along the Enbas Saut waterfall trail, where you’ll encounter lush rainforest and the popular St. Lucian Parrot, or check out Diamond Falls, another picturesque paradise within paradise. And then there’s also the ‘Superman’ Waterfall, nicknamed so after the 1980 movie was filmed here. Here, you explore an 18th century sugar estate, find incredible views of Mount Gimmie—the highest point on St. Lucia—and hear live music from the island’s many tropical birds. Wherever you wander, you’re bound to come back home refreshed.

Ride off into the sunset

Is this real life or a fairytale? We’re unsure. Make your most romantic dreams come true by riding off into the sunset with your loved one. On the northern coast, St. Lucia offers horseback tours, so you can explore the island in style. Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, a guide will be there to make sure you enjoy the luscious forest trails. Learn about the island, the local flora and fauna, and end your adventure at Cas en Bas, a secluded beach where you can cool off with a swim or just enjoy some alone time with your significant other.

‘Seas’ the day

The island experience would be incomplete without spending some time in the water. Experience the white sand and warm, crystal blue waters of the island’s many beaches, including Grand Anse and Reduit Beach. Get closer to nature with one of the many whale and dolphin-watching excursions, or dive in deeper with popular diving and snorkeling sites around Pigeon Island National Park and Marigot Bay. You can also take a charter boat out for a relaxing sunset cruise along the island’s coastline. After experiencing the waters of the Caribbean, you won’t want to leave.