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There’s no better way to add Spice to your romance than in Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, where you have three islands to choose from, all having their unique, off the beaten path charm.

Your next stop is Pure Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique where you're free to wonder at the beauty of our gorgeous refreshing waterfalls, free to wonder at how amazing the world’s first underwater sculpture park is, free to wonder at the warm smiles of our welcoming people and savor the delicious culinary delights of the island.

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White-Sand Beaches

The unspoiled vibe of Grenada (and neighboring Carriacou and Petite Martinique) is perfectly captured by its gorgeous beaches. Home to some of the most pristine stretches of white sand in the Caribbean, Grenada’s beaches are fringed by swaying palm trees and azure blue water that’s as warm as a rejuvenating bath. Choose from popular spots like Grand Anse Beach, where you can mingle with locals along its picturesque two-miles, or opt for blissful seclusion by hiking to places like Bathway and Levera Beach.

Underwater Sculpture Park

Famous for its colorful choral reefs and spectacular shipwrecks, Grenada is known as the dive capital of the Eastern Caribbean. But perhaps no underwater experience is more unique that snorkeling through the Underwater Sculpture Park. Located in the island’s Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area, this concrete installation reflects Grenada’s rich culture and history. Concrete sculptures — representing everything from local children holding hands to an underwater still life to artwork influenced by the early ceremonial carvings of Amerindian tribes — are fully integrated with the craggy topography of the surrounding reef, creating an otherworldly — and unforgettable — destination for you and your loved one to explore.

Refreshing Waterfalls

While Grenada’s beaches are unmissable, so are its waterfalls. These hidden treasures — think flashes of silvery water shooting through the lush green rain forest and cascading over rocky cliffs as high as 70-feet — offer an invigorating dip for couples unafraid of a mountain hike. Hire a guide and checkout the lovely Concord Waterfalls, or make a day of it by tracing the Seven Sisters, a rainforest trek punctuated by seven picturesque waterfalls and their accompanying freshwater mountain pools.

Spice Plantations, Tropical Gardens and More

From fragrant nutmeg gardens to eco-friendly spice plantations, classic rum distilleries to historic hilltop forts, Grenada is brimming with authentic destinations representative for its rich culture and legacy. Spend a day touring these interactive sites, and don’t forget to sample some of the island’s world famous chocolate. Because even a new marriage can use a little spice!

A Culture as Warm as the Weather

With its colorful towns, delicious food, and warm people devoted to the simple life, Grenada will charm you instantaneously. Chat with the friendly, English-speaking locals, get lost in the rhythm of the vibrant street life, bliss out on a beach with a rum cocktail in hand. Grenada offers a lifestyle so pure and authentic that you feel instantly renewed.