NiteTalk: Jorge Enrique Art Walks Barcode into Waltman Ortega

Born in Cuba, schooled in Texas, and heavily-collected in France (as well as around the rest of The Continent), visualist Jorge Enrique is undoubtedly the kinda cat who’s home right here in the MIA. That he happens to be opening a solo show called "Barcode" in Wynwood’s wowsome Waltman Ortega Gallery coincident with this Second Saturday only makes the notion more so. Niteside decided to get with the worldly local in advance of tomorrow’s Art Walk; here’s what he had to say.

What exactly is behind “Barcode”? "Barcode" is a chapter on the Urban D-Construction Series, where I’ve taken iconic symbols of our everyday urban reality and by manipulating and multiplying those images through photography, screens, prints, etc, I arrive to a "plastic rev-up minimalism", relying on a very controlled palette of color. The medium is usually acrylics, and inks on paper finished in plastic. Yeah I love plastic finishes, like George Carlin used to say “God created man so we could create plastic” -- sometimes I think he was right! ;-)

If you had but one single sentence to sum up the exhibit, what would it be? "Barcode" is an extremely fresh, and manically/beautifully executed exhibit.

How ‘bout a single sentence to sum up the Urban D construction series altogether? Things are not what they seem to be.

Would you kill us if we asked you to also give us a sentence that best represents what Jorge Enrique is all about? An artist far more concerned with the process of making art, than where it will take him.

Wanna add anything else before we let you go-go? Yes, I hope everyone gets a chance to visit the exhibit. Thanks for the interview and hope to meet you soon!

Jorge Enrique opens "Barcode" Second Saturday November 10 at Waltman Ortega. Also opening is Jerome Lagarrigue “Closer”.

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