NiteTalk: Paul Oakenfold Spins LIV Into a Dizzy

He’s put beat to such big-screen heavies as James Bond and Jason Bourne, as well as such small-screen faves as Californication. He was the first DJ to main stage at Glastonbury, one of the earliest proponents of Goa, and can boast being personally chosen to hit the road and open for both U2 and Madonna. He’s remixed more records than you’ve probably ever even heard, played more places than you’ve likely ever been, and logged more miles than even Hillary Clinton (who’s just shy of a cool million). His name is Paul Oakenfold, and he can wow a crowd in ways too numerous to fathom. Slip into LIV this Saturday night and see the world spun bright.

Let's start with the new: Bruno Mars "Locked Out in Heaven" and you and Matt Goss's "Touch the Sky." First, how’d you & Bruno come to collide? I knew his camp, and I’m a fan, so when they approached me I was eager to do the remix. It's a great track, and it was important to for me keep the melody and chorus intact.

Do you get offered a lotta gun-for-hire projects? I do. If I don’t hear something in the song though, I’ll pass. Especially now that I’m concentrating on my own records for Columbia.

Is the recent Four Seasons box set part of what you’re doing for Columbia? No, that’s a strictly Perfecto collection of some of the tracks I feel work best on the world’s dance floors during a given season.

How ‘bout the pending “Touch the Sky”? No, that’s also a more underground offering. Matt Goss and I know each other from London and we decided to collaborate under the name Concrete Sneakers. It works great because he comes from a completely different background.

Is Concrete Sneakers a nod to The Mob’s proverbial cement shoes? (Laughs) No, Concrete represents London, and Sneakers are what’s cool.

When will the new Columbia stuff be available? Probably April or May.

Any collaborating singers you’d like to mention? It’s really more about the songs than the singers. Some of the names you’ll know; some of them you won’t know. I’m really more interested in perfecting the craft of songwriting, which is why we’re taking our time.

Are you producing everything yourself? I am.

Will you be inviting others in to remix though? I will, and I look forward to it too.

Got a who yet? No, again that’ll depend on the song. But if say I’m looking to do a dub step version of something, I’ll call in someone like Rusko, who’s hot and edgy. I won’t know though till it comes time to get it done.

Speaking of getting it done, is the LIV appearance part of a new tour or more of a drive-by? A drive-by. I’m doing a few select dates here and there, but otherwise I’m concentrating on the next album. LIV is one of my favorite places to play in America, so it’s hard to resist coming down.

Paul Oakenfold spins Saturday, Jan. 5 at LIV. Hear his brand-new remix of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out in Heaven" below.

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