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Who needs to head to the movie theater when you can view any film imaginable thanks to streaming services, all in the comfort of your own home?

It’s all part of the current golden age in entertainment. From groundbreaking TV series to HD sports broadcasts to digital movies streamed right to your TV, there’s no shortage of top flight content on the tube.

So why are you still watching it all on your old TV while wedged on your cramped couch?

It’s time to upgrade the experience, ladies and gentlemen, and BrandsMart USA is here to help. As one of America’s leading retailers of TV and Home Theater systems, from HDTVs to premium projectors all at competitive prices, BrandsMart USA stocks the products that’ll help you pair the best films with the best viewing experience. Add plush recliners and beer dispensers, and you’ll have everything you need to transform your den into a home theater that will put any multiplex to shame.

Whether you’re hosting a James Bond marathon or planning an intimate date night in front of Casablanca, these five essential home theater upgrades will ensure you screen in style.

Samsung 50” Class Smart 1080 LED HDTV with Wi-Fi
Francis Ford Coppola didn’t expect you to squint when you watched the Godfather Trilogy. Take in the full scope of his masterpiece and others like it by upgrading your home theater with Samsung’s 1080 LED HDTV. A 50” screen ensures cinematic quality, while Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to stream all your favorite movies on channels like hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Epson Home Cinema 720p 3LCD Projector
Looking to go even bigger? Then opt for Epson’s Home Cinema 720p 3LCD Projector, which will allow you to screen everything from Star Wars to Citizen Kane in full cinematic quality. The picture is rich and brilliant thanks to 3000 lumens of color brightness and 3000 lumens of white brightness, while 720p resolution and HDMI connectivity make hosting your own movie theater-worthy film festival easy.

Global Furniture Liberty Power Recliner
Comfort is just as important as a crystal clear picture. That’s why Global Furniture’s Liberty Power Recliner gets our nod for the perfect perch to kickback on in front of the TV. Balancing comfort and functionality, the deep, biscuit back is ideal for long movie marathons, while features like cup holders ensure you stay hydrated no matter how many kung fu flicks you watch.

Premium 4.9 CuFt Beer Dispenser
Speaking of hydrating, skip the overpriced fountain sodas found at the cineplex and upgrade to a crisp craft beer courtesy of Premium’s 4.9 CuFt Beer Dispenser. Capable of holding 1/2 and 1/4 kegs, Premium’s suds-slinging product is all you need to elevate the home movie experience, while a tower tap, removable drip tray and stainless steel door ensures it’s both convenient and stylish. 

Bose® Lifestyle® 535 Series III Home Entertainment System
And what respectable home theater is complete without the highest quality sound? Hear all the explosions, screams and sci fi sound effects of the latest summer blockbuster with Bose® Lifestyle® 535 Series III Home Entertainment System. Miraculously, you’ll experience deep, low-note performance from small, sleek speakers, while Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to stream music from multiple devices.

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