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Take a Stroll on the Beach

Once you step foot on this Caribbean island's sandy beaches, you won't want to step off. Black Point Beach, one of Dominica's many black sand beaches, is just waiting to be explored. Whether you plan to soak up the sun and nap on the beach or get in the water and feel the blue ocean waves, there are plenty of beach adventures just waiting to happen.

Swim in a Waterfall

Emerald Pool is a 40 foot waterfall located in the mountains of the island. It's the perfect way to cool off after a hot, sunny day at the beach. The cooling emerald water is a result of the surrounding forest and sunlight that peers through trees. Located in one of the island's three national parks, Emerald Pool provides you with a serene honeymoon experience you won't be able to get anywhere else.

Have a Relaxing Hot Springs Bath

After exploring a national forest, take some time to relax and revive yourself in a hot springs tub. The springs are believed to have natural healing powers and medicinal qualities.The natural healing powers of the springs will help rejuvenate your body and are said to soothe sore muscles and calm jittery nerves. Revive your body and enjoy the most relaxing bath you'll ever take.

Explore Champagne Reef

Named for the bubbling waters rising from volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor, Champagne Reef attracts diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world. Whether diving or snorkeling in these warm waters, you’ll encounter a dazzling explosion of color as volcanic vents bubble up around you - giving the feeling that you are snorkeling inside a champagne glass!

Adventure Up the Indian River

Adventure up this beautiful river, once used to transport goods for trade with sailors, and take in the incredible nature surroundings. Boatmen will transport you in hand-oared river boats slowly up the river so that you may enjoy the nature and wildlife along the way. Become immersed in the surroundings and afterwards stop by the Blush Bar and try Dominica's signature rum drink or get a taste of the local cuisine.

Doze Off in Your Home Away From Home

Secret Bay provides an aura of romance that you won't get anywhere else. With incredible views and modern amenities, this hotel will provide you with the luxurious oasis that you need. Once you're rested up, enjoy a couple's massage at the tree-top Gommier Spa or take a yoga class at the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion.

Their beautiful villa options with stunning views in the most serene and secluded places will remind you you're in the perfect place for this special time. The Zabuco Honeymoon Villas with their breathtaking 180-degree views of mountain peaks and the sparkling Caribbean Sea makes for the perfect honeymoon spot. From floor to ceiling glass walls to private pools, these villas provide you with every amenity you could have imagined.

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