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License of Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Restricted After Woman’s Death



    License of Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Restricted After Woman’s Death
    Dr. Arnaldo Valls (left) is restricted from performing Brazilian butt lift procedures after the state investigation into the December 2017 death of Kizzy London (right).

    Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the ten women who have died following plastic surgery happened at different area clinics with different doctors. 

    The Florida Department of Health is taking action against a doctor who performed a Brazilian butt lift procedure in Miami.

    The department's restricting the license of Dr. Arnaldo Valls after a patient, Kizzy London, stopped breathing and died after undergoing the popular procedure.

    For the time being, Dr. Valls is not allowed to perform liposuction or the Brazilian butt lift.

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    It's a popular procedure where fat is removed from unwanted areas on a patient's body through liposuction, and the fat is then injected back into their backside to give them a bigger butt.

    In December of 2017, Kizzy London, 40, traveled from her home in Louisiana to Jolie Plastic Surgery in Miami Dade to undergo the procedure with Dr. Valls. NBC 6 Investigators were the first to report on the death of the mother of three. 

    In documents filed this week, the health department claims Dr. Valls injected fat deep into the patient, hitting a vein. The documents show a piece of fat then traveled to London's lungs and caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

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    The health department also claimed Dr. Valls lacked "supervised training and experience" in the procedure, even though it is legal for any doctor to perform plastic surgery in Florida, regardless of if they're certified in the area or not.

    London died of what's called a fat embolism.

    NBC 6 Investigators uncovered ten women who died in South Florida after getting fat in a vein while undergoing the same procedure at different clinics with different doctors.

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    Our investigations led doctors from across the country to travel to Miami this summer.

    They're trying to make the procedure safer.

    They'll be issuing new recommendations and guidelines on how doctors should perform the Brazilian butt lift. A spokesperson for Jolie Plastic Surgery said they learned of the restriction order late Tuesday afternoon. They said Dr. Valls will remain employed by the center, but he won't be performing the procedures in question and he does plan on fighting the emergency restriction.

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