Bond Conditions Eased for Former Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, he can go anywhere as long as he stays away from his accuser.

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NBC 6 watched former Miami-Dade schools teacher Jason Meyers last week as he left his home and later returned.

Miami-Dade Corrections (MDCR) told NBC 6 the court released him from house arrest over two years ago and he has not been on their watch since.

“Since he is out of our custody, we have not been monitoring him,” an MDCR’s spokesperson said.

The change angers the young woman who told police in 2016 they had sex inside his classroom at Palmetto Senior High, leading to his arrest.

“I’m shocked,” she told NBC 6 Investigators in an exclusive interview. “It’s a little frightening that he can just go do whatever he wants whenever he wants.”  

NBC 6 agreed to conceal the identity of the young woman who is now a college graduate. We will refer to her as Luisa.

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, Meyers can go anywhere under his current bond conditions, as long he stays away from Luisa.

After Luisa came forward in 2016, Meyers was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual activity with a minor by a person in custodial authority. He has pleaded not guilty.

Her attorney, Mark Schweikert, shares her frustration about his bond conditions.

“I’m not aware of any reason why someone who is an accused sexual predator should be allowed to roam the streets,“ Schweikert said. “There was a very good reason why he was initially ordered to be on house arrest with a condition of bond and I am not aware of any reason why that bond should have been lifted.”

Another delay in the case of a former teacher accused of having sex with an underage student -- Jason Meyers was arrested more than five years ago but he has not faced a jury yet. NBC 6's Willard Shepard reports

When asked about the change, the Miami Dade State Attorney’s office said “the original bond and conditions were set in 2016 and expired in 2019,”  but didn’t say if prosecutors opposed the change.

Luisa appeared in court over Zoom Monday hoping Meyers trial would finally begin. But it was moved once again.

Judge Christina Miranda acknowledged the delays on the case, “I understand that it’s exhausting and I totally sympathize with that portion.”  

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office said it “is trial ready to prosecute this case and has been ready to go to trial for quite a while,” but Meyers’ change of attorneys and the pandemic delayed the process.

Other former students have accused Meyers of inappropriate behavior, but he is only facing charges in the case of the student NBC 6 recently interviewed.

Over the years, Meyers, who taught at Krop and Palmetto high schools, has repeatedly denied any misconduct with any student.

In a statement, his attorney Bradley Horenstein told NBC 6, “Jason Meyers is an innocent man. They’re (former students) suing the School Board for millions and that’s what this case is about: Money. If they had their way, Mr. Meyers would already be serving the Life Sentence he’s facing in this case. But thankfully for Mr. Meyers, we have jury trials in this country and juries are not easily fooled.”

But his former student, now a college graduate, told NBC 6 she just wants justice and worries about the conditions of his bond.

“We don’t know where he’s going or how he spends his day. Obviously, I feel like he’s a risk to our community and I don’t think he should have the freedom to go and explore as he pleases,”  she said. 

On May 11, the judge will hold a hearing to deal with what evidence will be allowed at the trial, which is now set for July. 

Luisa said she hopes she can finally share her story in front of a jury.  

In the meantime, Meyers can go anywhere, as long as he stays away from her.

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