10/10: Oh Boi

Big Boi at Grand Central, poetry at Bas Fisher and a $10 deal at Pizza Rustica

BOI TOY: Grand Central wants the weekend to end as much as you do, which is why they're hosting Trinumeral (10/10/10, get it?), which will feature Outkast's Big Boi, plus Artofficial, Mayday and more. 9 P.M.

BAS MASTER: The last poem you read had something to do with a raven, and ever since then you refuse to go into the aviary at the zoo. Give Poe's medium another shot tonight when F. Daniel Rzicznik reads some of his work, thanks to the University of Wynwood. Bas Fisher Invitational, 5 P.M.

PIE IN THE SKY: In honor of 10/10/10, Pizza Rustica's downtown Hollywood locale is offering up a salad, panini and soda for $10. 11 A.M.-5 P.M.

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