10/25: Rick Ross, the Big Boss (and Friends)

Rick Ross, the Fins vs. the Saints, and X-Box all day

RICK ROSSIN' IT: The Big Boss, Rick Ross will be at Mansion for his album release party. As if he's not enough, he's bringing along special guests like Young Jeezy, DJ Khaled, Pit Bull, T-Pain, Diddy, Gucci Man and more. Sounds like one of hell of a party. 11 P.M.

MIAMI DOLPHINS #1: What kind of fan would you be if you didn't watch them playoff against the undefeated New Orleans Saints today? If you want to go beyond the call of fan-dom and actually attend the game, then head over to the LandShark Stadium to see all the head-on, tackling action. What's Sunday without some football? 4 P.M.

X MARKS THE SPOT: We know about all you X-Box fans out there who probably spend more time than you should playing with the thing. Do not be ashamed, for the Video Game Stadium has dedicated an entire day to considerably progressing carpel tunnel. The Madden '10 Xbox 360 Tournament will award $200 to the winner, and the two top players get Madden Federation national ranking points, so all is not lost. Contact bozasfmb@gmail.com for more information and sign-up. 12 P.M.

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