10/29: Thursday's in Love With Jason Castro

Fall in love, drink it up, and shake what your mama gave ya

FALL IN LOVE: With American Idol finalist Jason Castro all over again as he stops by Sawgrass Mills Mall for a free performance. The Atlantic Records artist will be giving fans a sneak peek at his new album as part of a national mall tour, and will be performing the lead single, "Let's Just Fall in Love Again." Let's just hope he doesn't forget the lyrics again. 6 P.M.

DRINK-A-THON: We're figuring that between the week you've had and the weekend you're going to have, there's going to be a lot of drinks going around. If you care to make it a marathon, get your derriere to Coral Gables. This and every Thursday, Downtown Coral Gables restos are offering $10-and-under drink and dinner specials, with tons of other awesomely cheap deals. Bargains aren't just for fashion anymore. Visit www.shopcoralgables.com for more details.

SHAKE SHAKE SENORA: Every club in Miami is throwing some sort of Halloween bash, and The Vagabond is no different. Join their Uber Exclusive VIP Halloween party as they bring the exclusivity of SoBe to the Downtown area... not really. There's a five-bottle minimum to sit down, and spray tans and popped collars are required. Just kidding!  All you need to bring is your bad self over for a good time. 10 P.M.

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