10/3: Breakin' it Down, Mixin' it Up

See (different) dancing, taste the (biggest) cupcake, walk the line for art

DANCERS WITH AN EDGE: This isn't your mama's dance troupe. Karen Peterson and Dancers, a dance troupe founded in 1990 that produces the work of dance artists with and without disabilities, will be performing at the Byron Carlyle Theater. Their performance, "Mano a Mano," is a performance entailing four dancers, two using wheelchairs, and gives new and outstanding meaning. Tickets are $20, $15 for students and seniors with ID. America's got talent, alright. 4 AND 8 P.M.

SWEET TOOTH: As part of the SRC / Universal Records and Think Pink Team's charity concert (starring Akon) to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Big Top Cupcake will be up for the Guinness World Records World's Biggest Cupcake title. The massive party treat will take 24 hours to bake in a 10-foot oven, will weigh approximately 1,550 pounds and measure 6-feet wide and 4.5-feet tall. The chocolate cake will be topped with layers of pink icing, handmade 5-inch sprinkles and a 12-inch-wide cherry.  The cupcake will be served up for donations. Totally sweet! 7 P.M.

WALK THE LINE: Tell your story walkin'. At least these artists will at the art gallery walk on Lincoln Road. See tons of artists display their works with 40-plus galleries open for viewing as you walk along the road. These boots were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do tonight. Call 305-535- 1001 or visit their website for more information. 7 P.M.

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