10/5: It's Monday, Put on a Little Lipstick

Buy, bend and imbibe

TRADE SECRET: You may not have been ready to trade in your ride, but that lipstick you got during Secret Santa, oh, five years ago, that you're still using? Can we say bacteria in a tube? Get thee to GBS pronto for their own version of Cash for Clunkers - turn in your old lipstick or nail polish and get $2 off a replacement. 

POURS FOR PENNIES: Hey, did I just see that wine in Publix for $12? you seem to always think when perusing the wine list at [insert fancy schmancy resto here]. Bourbon Steak wants to take the sting out of the vino-ordering experience by offering half-priced bottles of wine every Monday. And not just the ones over $200. Like, all of them.

FLEX APPEAL: But before you guzzle down that cheap(er) bottle of Pinot to drown your Monday sorrows, do a little something for your bod by going to free - yes, free - yoga at Bayfront Park. Don't forget your mat, some water and a positive attitude - well, as positive as you can be after 3 conference calls and a TPS report.

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