1/10: Let Them Eat… Everything

A foodie street fair and a reality TV bubbly bruhaha

SPOON US: What's better than a buffet? A buffet that offers eats from all of your favorite restaurants. Well, the ones in Coconut Grove that is. It's time again for The Great Taste of the Grove, which means booth after booth of temptation from restaurants such as the Ritz-Carlton's Bizcaya and the Chart House. Scarf it up while enjoying live entertainment and what is hopefully going to be a beautiful day. 11 A.M.-7 P.M.

SKI BALL: One random afternoon, we turned on VH1 and were sucked into a world of champagne-infused chalet parties and the cattiest ski bunnies to ever hit the slopes. (Or each other.) We're shamelessly hooked now on "Secrets of Aspen," and we'd like to take you down with us. Join the 2nd episode watch party tonight at Burger and Beer Joint, hosted by locals/SOA cast members Erin Newberg and Ben Alopari. And yes, of course there will be bubbly. 10 P.M. 

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