11/1: Grab the Bulls by the Horns

See some horn-y action, stars, and boats

RAGING BULL: Watch D-Wade and crew take on Chi-town's Bulls at the American Airlines Arena. Tickets range from $10-$350 and can be purchased at Ticketmaster. 6 P.M.

LIV TO STARGAZE: If you still have energy to party after Halloween night, or if you're in the mood to party with real celebs (i.e., not Speidi), then go to LIV Nightclub and stargaze to your heart's content. Since Imagine Sunday's move from the Forge, it's been hoppin' with a good time, so we know you don't mind the venue change. 10 P.M.

SHIP AHOY: Set those sails and head over to the International Boat Show, held at Array in Fort Lauderdale (where else?). It'll feature boats, yachts, super yachts, electronics, engines and boating accessories worth more than $3 billion from major marine manufacturers and boat builders worldwide. That's more money than we'll ever see again, so take advantage. 10 A.M.-7 P.M.

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