1/12: May the Force Be With You

Art talk at The Wolf, French cinema at Alliance, and even more Frenchness at the Gansevoort

BRIT HAPPENS: You know an event is scholarly when it has a colon in the title. Such is the case with "Lines of Force: The Futurist Influence on Modern Art "at the Wolfsonian. The lecture will be led by Hunter College professor and curator of the Leonard A. Lauder collection, Emily Braun, and will be in response to the Wolf's current exhibit, "Rhythms of Modern Life: British Prints 1914-1939." Ooh, another colon, we're feeling smarter already. 7 P.M.

SEPARATION ANXIETY: Wine. Bread. Health care. There are some things the French do very well. But when it comes to passion, the French are tres magnifique. Every Tuesday the Alliance Francaise turns into a cinema, screening some of France's best celluloid. Tonight, it's "La Separation," about a couple's night at the cinema that turns into the beginning of the end of their marriage thanks to one push away of a hand. Tragique. 6 P.M.

LOUIS, LOUIS: If you can't get enough of the City of Lights, head to the Gansevoort's revolution-chic lounge, Louis, tonight and every Tuesday night for Viva La Revolucion. With DJs Rascal, Damaged Goods and more spinning, you'll be able to party like Marie. But forget eating cake - we'd rather have a g & t. 11 P.M.   

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