11/22: Mondays on Ice

Panthers at Bank Atlantic, Santa at Tropical Park and dark comedy at Cinema Paradiso

BLADES OF GLORY: You could sit on your couch and scarf bean dip while watching two NFL teams you don't really care about, or you could do something you've probably never done before - go to a real live hockey game. The Panthers take on the Penguins at the Bank Atlantic Center. 7:30 P.M.

CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER: In-laws, drunk uncles, your hippie sister's vegan apple pie - if you're looking for a reason to not think about Thanksgiving and instead fast forward to a more fun holiday (presents! Lights! Cookies!), you're in luck. Santa's Enchanted Forest, it seems, opens earlier every year, and, well, this holiday season is no exception. 5 P.M.-midnight.

USE YOUR NOODLE: What's better than the Coen brothers' classic black comedy "Blood Simple"? We're hoping it's "A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop," a Chinese remake. Cinema Paradiso, 6 P.M.


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