11/24: Puccini for Your Momma

For the Puccini, the Urbanite, and the Sake-lover in you

PUCCINI GROUPIE: Whoever said operas are boring clearly hasn't met Giacomo Puccini. If you like your opera like you like your soaps (all the drama your mama can handle in the span of an hour), then Pagliacci and Suor Angelica are the operas for you. These short, one-act operas are jam-packed with infidelity, murder, children out of wedlock, the works (insert "evil plan laugh" here). Adrienne Arsht Center, 8 P.M.

SE BISTRO-FIQUE: So you've decided to go to the Arsht Center for tonight's operas, but you don't want to go on an empty stomach. Decisions, decisions, we know. May we suggest a solution? How about the Urbanite Bistro's $37 prix-fixe menu of deliciousness? It includes a parking voucher one block away from the center, and yeah, we thought you'd like that too. Urbanite Bistro.

SAKE IT TO ME: We all know wine goes with ANYTHING, and sushi is no different. It's only Tuesday, but that happy hour drink just can't wait until Friday (or in the case of this week, Wednesday). Thank goodness you can enjoy Half-Off Happy Hour every day, which includes cocktails, wine by the glass, beer and Sushi & bar menu items. China Grill, 6-9 P.M.

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