11/29: Sunday Needs to “Gidadaheah!”

Bostonians (and their accents), Chris Brown (ouch), and food (and football)

HEAT OF THE NIGHT: Great. As if we need more obnoxious fans, much less from Boston. These pains in the you-know-what will be coming to cheer on their Boston Celtics in one of two visits to SoFlo (next visit: January 6). The least we can do is show up and show them who's boss around here (that would be our Heat). There's power in numbers, and we can beat 'em for sure. American Airlines Arena, 6 P.M.

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS: Especially Rihanna, and we can see why. But take away his life in the spotlight (which clearly lacks anger management), and whether you'd like to admit it or not, he's got some good tunes. Chris Brown'll be singing those tunes in Miami tonight, and if you're not morally opposed to going, then we suggest you buy tickets, and quick, before he gets angry. Revolution Live, 7 P.M.

FOOD AND FOOTBALL: Oh Epicure, you're so good to us. Why must you entice us with such delights as omelet and pasta carving stations? You know how to keep us coming back for more bananas foster-stuffed French Toast, salads, soups, kids menus, and beer? You've got everything we'll ever need. Maybe they'll have the Phins vs. Bills game on, which would be even sweeter. Epicure Market, 11 A.M.

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