1/15: Give Lennon a Chance

All we are saying is give Lennon a chance.

SHINE ON:  Every Beatles fan was told to hate Yoko Ono for breaking up the band, but what she is bringing to Miami Beach might change fan's minds. Ono Presents We All Shine On, a benefit exhibit and sale of Lennon sketches, serigraphs, lithographs and more.  The collection consists of over 100 pieces of art and is the largest collection of Lennon's work on paper ever assembled and gives a little insight into the life that was John Lennon. Presented by Ms. Ono herself, We All Shine On opens Friday at the Miami Beach Community Church and runs through Sunday. The cost is a $2 donation which should get even the biggest Yoko hater excited. 

CLOSING BELL TIME: Never has the stock market being down lowered your bill at happy hour. We all know the stock market is up and down, but at least Club 50 feels your pain. If NASDAQ ends down at 2 percent, you get 20 percent off cocktails. If it is up 7 percent, even better, drink up with 70 percent off cocktails. Each and every Friday you can expect up to 80 percent off cocktails at uber-chic Club 50 in the Viceroy Miami. It is good to know that even if the stock market is up or down, you know you can drink away your feelings when the closing bell rings. Be sure to get there early because the drink specials are only from 5-7 P.M. Drink early and drink fast.

HURRY HIPSTERS! The Vagabond brings to mind a few things: not-so safe surroundings, hipsters and a good time. Get your leggings and plaid shirts pressed because your favorite night at The Vagabond is back. Vagabond Fridays are known for a guaranteed good dirty time with no trouble at the door and five resident DJs spinning the best beats in MiamiSweat Records took a mild hiatus from bringing the madness to the Vagabond during Miami's two weeks of winter, but they are bringing back the funk this and every Friday with doors opening at 10 PM.  

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