1/16: Nice Moves, Sunday

Hip-hop dance at the Colony Theater, Dead Prez & Erykah Badu at Bardot and the Brass King at The Stage


DANCE, DANCE REVOLUTION: "You Got Served," "America's Best Dance Crew" -- you're a sucker for a good hip-hop dance performance. See one live tonight at the Colony theatre when Arch Dance takes the stage. 8 P.M.

MUCH BADU ABOUT NOTHING: If you didn't catch her last night, Erykah Badu is making a cameo as DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown at Bardot. Dead Prez also takes the stage. 8 P.M.

STAGE ANTICS: You'll feel like you're in Brooklyn - in a good way - at Miami's newest live music venue, The Stage. The spacious Design District spot underneath a highway will host Rare Grooves by The Brass King tonight. 8 P.M.-1 A.M.  

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