11/7: Mix It Up

Mixology at the Raleigh, Dana Carvey brings the LOLs, and a head start at the holiday spirit

MIX IT UP: South Florida's best drink-makers are battling it out for the title of Mixologist Master. Watch as they shake up one of a kind drinks with vodka, tquila, gin and more. The competition starts at 2pm tomorrow at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach. RSVP to mixologistmaster@oceandrive.com

PARTY ON: Comedian Dana Carvey, probably best known for his role as Garth in the movie "Wayne's World", is coming to town -- and as a former cast member of "Saturday Night Live", he will definitely make you laugh. Check him out tonight at the Parker Playhouse at 7pm. Tickets are $40

HO HO HO: Sunday is a great day to enjoy the outdoors and the cooler temperature, so head to Santa's Enchanted Forest, which opened this past week. It's the largest Christmas theme park in the world! Tickets are $25 for adults and children ages 3 to 9 pay $17.

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