12/1: Tuesday'll Never Tell

The voices are saying to slip in through the side and shop for PAWS. Do it!

VOICE OF REASON: Shhh, the voices in your head are talking. They're telling you to celebrate Art Basel's opening night with "New Works. New Voices," a series of site-specific pieces inspired by The Wolfsonian's collection with participating artists Megan Whitmarsh, Wayne White, and Brock Shorno. Don't worry, you're not crazy, you're just looking for something new. The Wolfsonian-FIU, 8 P.M.

SIDE DOOR SLIP-INS: We know sometimes you have to do the shady thing and slip in through the side door ("all is fair in love and parties" is our motto). Rokbar can relate, and tonight, they're going to look the other way as you do your Mission Impossible stunt. Heck, you can practically waltz right in and they'll never tell. Thanks for the hook up, guys, we owe you one. 11 P.M. 

FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS: We know the hottest accessory of the year is that little ball of fur waiting for you at home (we can hear the little guy scratching at the door right now). Help another fashionista find her perfect accessory throughout December at Lilac and Lillies by doing what you know best: shopping. Just mention the word "PAWS," (a.k.a. "Pets Are Worth Saving") at the register and 10 percent of your purchase will go to caring for man's best friends over at the Humane Society of Broward. Don't make us break out the cute pictures with the puppy dog eyes.

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