12/14: Rock Our World, Monday

Two rockin' docs and a story hour with Christmas spirit

FEST WISHES: Any music festival named after a Velvet Underground song has to be good. And that All Tomorrow's Parties, held in England, is. The festival is curated by a different indie darling each year, including Belle & Sebastian, Pavement and Matt Groening, and it's cool enough to warrant its own documentary, which Sweat Records will screen tonight. 8 P.M.

A LIKELY STORY: The only person who reads anything to you anymore is your hypochondriac co-worker (no, we don't want to hear how many germs are on our keyboard). What won't be getting you in the Christmas spirit is WebMD. What will is Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory," read by 80-year-old, Southern-drawled teacher Dan Bowden. It's been a tradition for a decade, so pull on your best holiday sweater - the one with the real bells sewn on - and head to Books and Books. 8 P.M.

STRING US ALONG: The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White walk into a bar. We wish it was the bar we were in last night, instead of those three Ed Hardy-clad frat boys chugging MGD. But we'll settle for seeing them on the big screen in "It Might Get Loud," a documentary about, what else, playing the guitar. Miami Beach Cinematheque, 8:45 P.M.

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