12/2: Art Basel's Manifest Destiny

Three reasons to love Art Basel 2009

THROW A PAREDES: It's a known fact computers are taking over the world (if you're reading this, we've proven our point). They're even creeping into the arts, if they haven't already, that is. While it scares the heck out of those fanatical doomsday believers (2012, anyone?), Miguel Paredes embraces it with his latest exhibition, "The Manifestation of Cross-over Art." Who would've thought classical fine art and digital art could blend together so well? 412 Lincoln Road, 6 P.M.

DARK KNIGHT: Holy Smokes, Batman! It's David Lynch and Danger Mouse! These film and music icons have combined forces in an epic mission to bring us "Dark Night of the Soul," the ultimate exhibit in Art Basel history. The 50 original Lynch photos and Danger Mouse soundtrack prove stunning and haunting, with soundtrack appearances by rock legends and limited edition prints available for purchase. To the Batmobile! O.H.W.O.W. Gallery, 7 P.M.

LIV IT UP: True or False: Art Basel is about art, and only art. Give up? It's false! The real reason is that five-letter word (six letters, if you elongate the word) we love so much- par-tay! Tonight'll prove worthy of the six-letter version when Dirty Hairy presents a live performance by Amanda Blank featuring Devlin & Darko and Guest DJs The Misshapes. Insider tip: if you RSVP to info@epoplife.com, you get in free until midnight. You've passed the test, now celebrate! LIV Nightclub, 11 P.M.

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