12/20: Sunday's Hot on the Trail

A hot matchup at the Triple-A, a soldier turned comedian in Ft. Laudy and live tunes at Buck 15

BLAZE THE TRAIL: We know the Portland Trailblazers ain't got nothing on our Heat. Watch Beasley, Wade, and the rest of our crew light a fire under the Trailblazers' you-know-what and smoke 'em out of Miami. American Airlines Arena, 6:00 P.M.

ONE OF THE BOYS: Jamie Kaler's your typical actor/comedian. Oh wait, does being a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant make him the norm? Yeah, we didn't think so either. From TV shows like "My Boys," "Monk," and "Friends," to famous Blockbusters like "The Family Stone," and "Spanglish," you can believe his Jack-of-all-Trades persona has him wearing more hats than the president himself. Kaler will be wearing his comedian hat in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. Fort Lauderdale Improv, 5 & 7 P.M.

LIVE-ING THE DREAM: Buck 15 is a magical land of awesome music, great drinks, and the occasional (okay, frequent) tranny-spotting. But tonight it'll be more than that (if that's even possible): it'll be a haven for live music with the top-notch quality you know only Buck can bring. Buck 15, 10 P.M.

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