12/26: Keep the Spirit Alive

Christmas isn't over yet (oh joy)

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HOLIDAY OVERLOAD: Just because it's December 26 doesn't mean the holidays are over. Settle in and cozy up with some popcorn and a gourmet cupcake and watch Ralphie get his Christmas wish in "A Christmas Story." This'll help you focus on the things you did get for Christmas, not the gifts you would rather not have received. The Spa at Icon Brickell, 7:30 P.M.

SPANISH FLY: You know how those Spaniards make us swoon. Carlos Fauvrelle provides the tunes tonight as he celebrates Christmas Miami style. Hey, you're on vacation, check him out while you still have the time. Who says Christmas has to be spent at home? Mansion Nightclub Miami, 11 P.M.

GO CRAZY TONIGHT: Even if it is the day after Christmas, it's still a Saturday. Party it up right by heading over to a place where body shots rule and waitresses and bartenders dance on the bar, offering creative ways to serve you your Sex on the Beach. And you thought your best friends (Johnnie, Jack, and Jose) wouldn't come through for you. Coyote Ugly Saloon

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