12/3: Thursday's a Glass Case of Emotion

Surprise (not really)! More Art Basel to see

EMOTIONAL GLASS CASE: Ever feel like you're in a glass case, being constantly watched by everyone (Tennessee Williams sure does)? Behave and let out your frustrations peacefully by checking out Ricky Bernstein's "Kitchen Dreams"glass exhibit as part of Art Basel 2009 (what else?). Don't know what it's about? It's cool, you can ask him yourself when he arrives at the grand opening of his exhibit tonight. Free for members, $10 for everyone else. Lowe Art Museum, 5 P.M.

STREET RATS: Stay with us on this one: What if someone took art out of traditional museum exhibits and into the streets? What, you mean it's already been done? Oh, Art Basel, you think of everything. Wonder no more and visit the Wynwood Walls Outdoor Street Art Mural Park, with receptions to follow there and at the Goldman Warehouse. We hear it's one of the largest outdoor collections in the U.S. Get going then, you've got a lot of ground to cover. 22nd and N.W. 28th Streets (between N.W. 2nd and N.W. 5th Avenues), 8 P.M.

BRITTS AND PIECES: So what if it's only Thursday? Start your weekend early (you know you need it) with Philly native King Britt for Saturn Never Sleeps. Britt and his fiancé Rucyl will be "rockin' them beats" (how romantic). A word of caution: this isn't his usual stuff, he's gone left-field just for Miami. Aren't you glad we talked you into going? Gansevoort Hotel, 7 P.M.

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