1/4: Frankie Says Relax

Old Blue Eyes Italian-style, reggae South Beach-style and bball Heat-style

LA DOLCE SINATRA: Everything sounds better in Italian. We're guessing we'd even swoon in traffic school. As if the voice of Ol' Blue Eyes isn't sweet and smooth enough, tonight the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce will present Ciao Frankie. Massimo Lopez, along with his awesome 'stache and the Big Band Jazz Company, will croon those classic Sinatra tunes - in the language of amore. We just fell in love thinking about it. The Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, 8 P.M.

WE'RE JAMMIN: Your end-of-the-year bonus was supposed to pay for that island vacay you'd been dreaming about ever since you saw "Mamma Mia." Instead, it barely covered the bathing suit you bought on sale. Suck it up and head to Purdy Lounge for reggae night. Jean P. James will perform his deep roots goodness, and in the back room, DJs Governor Lee and Junior Green will be spinning dancehall. Plus, you don't have to listen to Meryl Streep sing. We'll drink a Red Stripe to that. 11 P.M.

A WING AND A PRAYER: Okay, we don't need to be that dramatic about winning yet, but nevertheless, a win for the Heat against the Atlanta Hawks tonight is just what the new year ordered. Let's make a deal, D-Wade. We'll drink more beer at the Triple-A, and you give us a reason to toast said beer. 7:30 P.M.

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