1/6: Nice Wheels, Thursday

Bike ride on SoBe, Wyatt Cenac at the Improv and Shake at the Vagabond

NICE WHEELS: Most of the time being a Loose Cannon gets you in trouble. But in tonight’s case, it gets you some exercise and $2 beers. Celebrate the Loose Cannons three year anniversary tonight with a 4.7-mile bike ride that starts at MIA Skate Shop and ends at Bar. 10 P.M.

LAUGH IN: You could stay in and watch the "Daily Show," or you could actually get off the couch and see one of the funniest Daily Show correspondants EVER. Wyatt Cenac, who also used to pen for "King of the Hill," is at the Miami Improv tonight. 8:30 P.M.

SHAKE IT: What's better than $1 Colt 45 tall boys? $1 Colt 45 tall boys and really great music that isn't coming out of a crappy boombox on your friend's front porch. The Vagabond knows this, which is why they host Shake every Thursday night. RSVP to shake305@gmail.com for free admission. 11 P.M.

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