2/2: Super Hot Messes

Super Bowl Brings The Super Hot Messes To Miami

BLEACHED BLONDES: Ever wondered what would happen if "Baywatch" met Miami Beach? It's a pretty awesome thought to think of the Hoff taking over South Beach one drink at a time. Well, the best part of "Baywatch," Ms. Pamela Anderson, will be hosting Super Bowl A*MUSEments tonight at Club Play-South Beach. Not only will she being boozing it up with music by DJ Apart, but Pam's occasional partner in crime, fashion icon and diva Richie Rich, will co-hosting.  So if you have $25 and blondes are your thing, no matter what team you play for, you will be happy playing at Play.  10 PM.

KANYE'S GIRL: You know that half dressed girl Kanye West is always walking the red carpet with? Recently she was strutting the beaches of Miami in something most grandmothers would consider string. Well, our favorite rapper's girlfriend/model is back in town.  Amber Rose, along with fashion line Ed Hardy and a full list of NFL athletes, will be taking over Club Mansion tonight. Not only will the place be filled with atheletes galore, but Miami-Dade's favorite DJ Kahled will be spinning all night long. They are calling the party the Beauty and The Beast, and we can only imagine why. Midnight.

FOREEEEE: Need a good excuse to take off work and do some good today? Well, if you have ever called in sick from work to go golfing with your buddies, then it might be time to use another sick day. Today, the Miami Beach Golf Club will be hosting the Fox Pan Amerian Sports Pro Football Celebrity Golf Classic. Yes, the name might be the longest name for a golf outing ever, but it is sure to be a good time for any golf fan out there. Tons of current and ex pro football players will be playing, and the proceeds will benefit the Ganley Foundation and other South Florida tragedies. Golfing for good, that's what we like to say.

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