You've Got 24 Hours and Some Video, Get Rolling

Miami Film Race starts May 1. On your mark, get set, go

It’s Amazing Race meets Project Greenlight meets Project Runway -- well, sort of.

The Miami Film Race wants to know just how fast you can film.

On Friday, May 1 at 10 p.m., the 2009 Film Racing Tour starts its Miami leg. And local filmmakers will have just 24 hours to point and shoot a short that will be pitted against movies across the nation.

Just like the wacky time constraints on Project Runway, contestants will have one day to create a short film based on a topic they’ll receive via e-mail at 10 p.m. on Friday.

And, of course, like with any good plot, there’s a twist, an element of surprise that must be incorporated into the flick, which is due Saturday at 10 p.m. Although, we’re pretty sure it won’t be so a-la the Bravo series, like forcing filmmakers to make movies using cornhusk cameras, etc … But filming, editing and scoring a movie in just 24 hours, now that’s a challenge.

Why would anyone put themselves under this kind of cinema stress? For cash prizes and a chance for their movie to be seen around the world.

Once the movies are a wrap, they’ll be gathered up and shown in a local theatre a few days later, so bring the popcorn and snacks because we’re sure they’ll be plenty to laugh at and with.

What we really want to see, though, is the documentary of all the filmmakers racing around trying to make movie magic in less than a day. What a reality series that would be.




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