3/14: 305 At Its Finest

You call it 8th steet, we call it Calle Ocho

MIAMI MADNESS: It's Sunday, which means a few things: laundry, wishing football was on, and maybe a little church. One thing you should do with this Sunday is check out a festival that only comes once a year, with good reason: Calle Ocho Festival is today, and it is not for the weak. There is food, beer and music all day long and the most people you have seen in one street maybe ever. Today's festival is one for the record books with Trina and tons more hitting the stage and a lot for free. This year there will even be a mini Calle Ocho with the 8th Street Jam with tons of Miami artists, including our beloved Pitbull, and free beer for the first few hours of the show. Be sure to rest up before you go: 23 blocks of pure madness will be definitely be tiring. 11 AM-8 PM

LIV YOUR LIFE: If there is one thing we have learned about the Fontainebleau Miami Beach it's that this hotel doesn't play around when it comes to its celebrities. They like them A-list and they like them in large numbers. Everyone from Kanye West to Michael Jordan has visited the hotel and there is a reason for that: it's fabulous. Tonight at their famous LIV Nightclub, check out the Sunday party Imagine Sundays. Every Sunday check out a new awesome act they have for the evening like tonight's, Stargaze On Earth. Let us not forget, unless your an A-list, at least try to look the part. The dress code is enforced harder than Catholic school uniforms. 10 PM.

GOODBYE MY LOVER: Sadly, one of the best and most entertaining weeks of the year is over. Today is the last day of the Miami International Film Festival and it won't be back till next year, so we should celebrate in a big way. Some of the greatest new movies will be all over the city, so be sure to take advantage. Everywhere from Regal South Beach to Tower Theater will be showing the best of the best of international and local films. And, for all you smarty pants, you can attend the REEL Education Seminar Series to learn how to be in the festival yourself next year. ALL DAY LONG.

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