3/30: DIY DJ

There is no such thing as too many DJs

PUT YOUR HANDS UP: DJs: They can get you into the best parties, make you an awesome mix CD and more than likely have a few celebrity friends. If you're looking for a career change, look no further than Scratch DJ Academy, where, to make sure you're the next big thing at ULTRA 2011, you can mix and scratch on the turntables right next to some of the biggest names in the game. Classes start from beginner to advanced, and after a little practice in the classroom, students get to perform an actual gig at Love Hate Lounge every Wednesday. info-miami@scratch.com.

LET US FEAST: Today is the Jewish holiday Passover, and, from what we understand, it's a ritual feast which consists of story telling and lots of yummy food. If maybe you don't feel like spending your day over the stove, let someone else do it for you. Chef Allen's in Aventura is offering a family-inspired Passover Seder not to miss. The meal will consist of three types of Harosets, a sweet fruit, nut and wine mixture, reflecting the diversity of Judaism throughout the world. The Passover themed menu will feature anything from mahi mahi cake to lemon rotisserie kosher chicken. $75 for adults and $50 kids. 6 P.M. 

DINE WITH WINE: Many of us have collected all the food, money and clothes we can for the victims of the Chilean earthquake. Even though you feel you have done your part, though, there are so many easy ways to stay involved. Oenophiles and gourmands can help the earthquake victims with a simple sip at Four Seasons Hotel Miami today through April 18th. Just by ordering a bottle of Chilean wine, the hotel will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from sales to the Chilean Red Cross. Wines will be offered by-the-bottle and by-the-glass in all dining venues at the hotel.

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