3/6: Cycling Under The Influence

Yes. CUI is a real thing.

BEER AND BICYCLES: Were not really sure if any Miami-Dade residents enjoys driving in our city. Add cyclists to the mix and it's pretty guaranteed not to be a good time. Even though the our bike-loving friends might add a little time to our commute, they apparently have great ideas for events. We were under the impression that cyclists were fitness-loving, non-beer drinking types of people, but apparently they demand quality brew. Today they celebrate all that is beer with the Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawl. Beginning at 4 PM at Zekes Roadhouse, the crawl continues to the Abbey and the DRB (via the Venetian Causeway) and then finishes at Titanic Brewery (via the M-Path). Anyone looking to participate but worrying about getting a CUI (cycling under the influence), needs not worry. The crawl ends near the University of Miami metrorail station, so it's okay to end too drunk to steer. 4 PM.

BEACH BODIES: Miami Beach is known for its gorgeous sand, clear blue water, and hot beach bodies everywhere you turn. This weekend, the hot body count will shoot through the roof with Miami's famous Winter Party where cocktail receptions, art show cases and crazy parties collide. Produced by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, proceeds from events go to serving the LGBT community. Today starting at noon, plunge into a sea of singles at the Under One Sun Pool Party at the Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel where half-naked hotties will  be partying all night long. Be sure to wear you sunscreen -- safety first! 12 PM.

FAST AND THE FURIOUS: We don't get voted one of the worst driving cities in the country for no reason. We drive crazy fast and don't apologize for it. We really should improve our driving skills and maybe leave the over 100 MPH speeds to the professionals. Tonight, check out the Grand Prix of Miami at the Homestead-Miami Speedway for  some of the best driving you have ever seen. Watch a bunch of Fords, BMWs, and Chevys zoom zoom around the 2.3-mile road course at mind-blowing speeds. To win the ladies over, let them know that Patrick Dempsey will be racing his number 41 Mazda RX-8. It will be sure to be a very McDreamy kind of day. 5 PM.

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