3/8: Funny Guy

End your Monday with a chuckle

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HARDY HAR HAR: The name Jeff Garlin  might or might not ring a bell. Maybe you remember him in the 1983 classic Spring Break? Calling it a classic might be a stretch, but it really is a great movie featuring our beloved neighbor, Fort Lauderdale. But what he's probably best known for is his role as the Fat F*** (as his wife so adoringly calls him) on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Tonight at Books and Books in Coral Gables he will be presenting the book he has recently written, which he describes as, "living green for fat people." All in one book, you get to understand the journey of him losing weight and finding his carbon footprint. To say the least, we love him like fat kids love cake. 8 P.M.

MONDAY FUNDAY: Lets be honest, today is not your favorite day of the week. More than likely, you have four more days of work till the weekend. Today, Fenedegas, the national association of wine cooperatives in Portugal, is offering unlimited sampling of approximately 100 different wines, all on Smith and Wollensky's scenic terrace. All of this deliciousness is only $25 and a large portion of the proceeds will benefit the South Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Food and Wine. Just look at it as cocktails for a cause. 5 P.M.

THE END: It was a very busy weekend for the city of Miami. Partiers celebrated winter in March and had film premieres galore. Sadly, one of those things comes to an end today and they are celebrating all of their success. The Winter Party Festival says goodbye to Miami tonight at MOVA, and the new gay hot spot promises to end in a big way. Come and say farewell to friends, old and new, and party one final time in celebration of all that is WPF. Even though its always hard to say goodbye, cocktails should help. 9 P.M.

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