4/17: Sweat It Out

Celebrate indie music, gay pride and our four-legged friends

HOT TOPIC: In a city where Best Buy and Target reign supreme, it's a hostile environment for the independent record store here. Which is why the 5th anniversary of Sweat Records is being celebrated out the wazoo. Tomorrow is a whole day of events, with an outdoor and indoor stage hosting live musical performances all day. While you're there, be sure to pick up some vinyl (they've got plenty of CDs, too) and a cupcake or two. Here's to another five great years! 10 A.M.-11 P.M.

WE'LL HAVE A GAY OLD TIME: Time to iron your rainbow flag because the Gay Pride Parade happens today. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower hosts the event, which will include the usual parade fanfare -- music, vendors, and, of course, lots of dancing down the streets. Ocean Drive, noon-8 P.M.

SPANK YOU VERY MUCH: There are few things we love more than beer and dogs, which is why our Boston Terrier can throw back a sixer of PBR like no one's business. Support the pooches tonight and get your buzz on by partaking in Spankyfest. The fun starts at Sandbar, continues to a handful of other Coconut Grove spots throughout the day, and ends at Boardwalk. Participation will cost you a 10-spot, but all proceeds go to the Humane Society of Greater Miami. 2:30 P.M.-Midnight.

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