4/19: Fight Global Thirsting

Eco-friendly cocktails, garlic goodness and poker at the pub

GLOBAL SIPPING: Area 31 is known for its sustainable seafood, so it's not surprising that the restaurant in the Epic Hotel is all over Earth Day like mahi mahi on rice. They're also onto the fact that the way to our hearts is through our livers, which is why they've whipped up the $8 TRU Earth Martini. For every bottle of TRU vodka sold, the company will pledge to plant a tree in Central American rain forests.

TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY: Unless you're looking for a good first date spot for dinner, head to Café Prima Pasta tonight to celebrate National Garlic Day. For $4.19, lovers of a certain vampire repellant can choose from pungent delights such as roasted garlic calamari and penne with garlic and olive oil. Plus, cocktails such as the Baby Prima Martini are also $4.19.  Altoids not included.

ANTE UP: The idea of sitting in a smoke-filled basement with a bunch of dudes to play poker is about as appealing as listening to that Creed guy's Marlins song. But if busting out your Texas Hold 'Em skills at your local watering hole is more your thing, head to the Brickell Irish Pub. Winners score bar tabs and other prizes. 7:30 P.M.

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