4/23: We'll Have a Gay Old Time

Festival, foreign and food: Movies for everybody!

MOTHER MAY I: Just in time for Mother's Day comes the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival's opening film, a heartwarming tale of a boy and his mother. Boy fights constantly with mom, boy tells his teacher his mother is dead (don't worry, she isn't really), boy hooks up with hot classmate (we're picturing a gay Jordan Catalano). Bring on the brooding teenage angst. Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, 7:30 P.M.

THE OJOS HAVE IT: There are just some movies that win Academy Awards that we admit we'll never see (sorry, Best Animated Short). "El Secreto de Sus Ojos," winner of Best Foreign Film, isn't one of them. We're all over this one - about a retired court investigator tormented by a violent case from his past - like blanco on arroz. Tower Theater, 6:20 and 9 P.M.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We're a sucker for a good food industry gross-out flick. Always makes us want to build a chicken coop and plant some squash. Instead, though, we just head to Whole Foods and buy some expensive organic produce. But we love the WF, and right now they're sponsoring a nationwide film series called Let's Retake Our Plates. Tonight, you can catch "Food, Inc." at Temple Bet Shira, 7500 SW 120th St. 7 P.M.


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