4/5: Girl Fight

"I Fight like a girl" just became a threat

FIGHT LIKE A GIRL: We hate to start out the morning with statistics, but we have one that might blow your mind: 31 million crimes are reported annually in the U.S. If math isn't your thing, then let us tell you that is about one crime per second. If you or any lady you know maybe needs to know how to kick butt against all this crime going on, we know exactly where to go. The Center for Medical Weight Loss at University Drive wants to empower women and teach them to fight back. Tonight they will hosting a women's self defense class that is free and open to the public. This class will kick off a series of free educational workshops at the Center designed to promote health and wellness in the community. The best part of this class is definitely the instructor. The bad-ass broad is a world champion and ninth degree black belt. So much fierceness all in an hour and a half class. 6 PM.

SINGING SENSATION: Yes, it's Monday, our favorite day of the week. Well, maybe not, but there is something to make this day a little bit better. Everyone's favorite burger joint, 8 Oz. Burger Bar, is giving us all something to sing about. Tonight, instead of heading home and grabbing a frying pan, drive straight to SoBe for the new 8 Oz. karaoke night. Be sure to put down the hamburger and grab the microphone because jamming out on stage will get you more than embarrassment. Guests can sing along to their favorite hits and prizes will be award to best performers.

LOUNGING AROUND: We Miamians really don't know the difference between weekend evenings and week nights. Most people understand that weekends are saved for heading out on the town, but not us. Whatever day ends in a Y is good enough reason for us to go out. If you are looking for a perfect spot to relax and drink away the thoughts of the rest of the work week, we know the perfect spot. Check out the Duchess, the new Monday night soiree at The Mondrian. This hipster free zone is for the classy, not trashy, and can make anyone happy with $9 strawberry mojitos in the hotel's sunset lounge. All in all, the no list and no cover really do make the perfect Monday evening. 9 PM.

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