4/7: Let’s Be Fair

You havent lived till you have been to a county fair

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COUNTRY TIME: Any Florida International University student will tell you that there is one week they hate more than finals: county fair week. All fair attendees take their parking and there are more people on campus than ever before. Even though we give all FIU students our sympathy, their loss is our gain! Today is one the last days left to attend the Miami-Dade County Fair &  Expo. Even though a county fair sounds a little country, they have really stepped it up this year. The food, rides and entertainment are better than ever. Best part of it all? Head there today and it's only $5 before 5 P.M.

LA FIESTA: We never thought we would see a day where tequila and boxing would come together as a united front. Well, the day has come. El Scorpion Mexican & Tequila Bar, the new Mexican cantina and tequila bar located in the South of Fifth area of South Beach, will host Ferdie Pacheo for the launch of his new book Tales From The 5th St. Gym. It was at the 5th Street Gym that Pacheo was "The Fight Doctor" for boxing legend Muhammad Ali, as well as 12 other world champion boxers. The 83-year-old world-renowned artist and iconic author will be on site to introduce his 30th book, meet-and-greet guests and autograph copies in honor of the former site of the legendary 5th Street Gym, just one block south of the launch event. 6 PM.RSVP to ferdiepacheco@taraink.com

HOW INSPIRING: If you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, "my life sucks," then it's time to turn that frown upside down. We live in the most beautiful place on earth and let's be honest, it could always be worse. If you maybe need a little kick to your life going again, then check out a movie that inspire even the most serious Sally. Tonight at Byron Carlyle Theater, check out The Last Survivor as part of their Holocaust Education Week. The award winning film will be presented by producer Michael Pertnoy as he presents four genocide survivors who have lived through the Holocaust, Congo, Rwanda and Darfur. The best part is that to watch the winner of the Jackson Film Festival will cost you $0. 7:30 PM.

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