5/1: Them's Fightin' Words

Boxing at Lucky Strike, Hip-Hop at the Byron Carlyle and the Spam Allstars at Bardot

GET IN THE RING: Bowling is the only activity for which wearing tacky shoes and handling hot pink balls is socially acceptable. And we love the "sport" because of that. Tonight at Lucky Strike, though, you'll not only be able to practice picking up those spares, but you'll also get to catch the big boxing might between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather. Bonus: Be the 12th person to text "Mayweather" to 59925 during the third round and you'll win a $260 Ketel One bar tab. 9 P.M.

HIP HOP YOU DON'T STOP: Well, at least the Byron Carlyle Theater. That's where local hip-hop theater artists will perform as part of the Miami Light Project and FUNDarte's "Miami On Stage" project. For your cultural pleasure, Rudi Goblen, Summer Hill Seven and Meshaun Lebrone Arnold will do their thing. 8 P.M.

MORE SPAM, PLEASE: We just can't get enough of this local music fixture. The Spam Allstars are our audio crack, and we're going to get our fix tonight at Bardot, where they'll be performing. So grab a speakeasy-inspired cocktail, cozy up on one of the cozy couches - until, of course, you get the urge to dance. Which you will. Don't fight it. 11 P.M.


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